New Features You should See on WhatsApp

Emergence of smartphones has led to a shift from the traditional SMS communication to the use of mobile messaging applications, WhatsApp leading the pack.

As of September, 2015 WhatsApp has registered 900 million users up from 700 million in January 2015.

The app is registering much success after Facebook purchased it for $ 19 billion hence boosting its media reach.

It’s seems developers at WhatsApp are leaving nothing to chance, making timely improvements to the messaging app.

If you updated your application today or some days close to today you will realize that the interface and colour has changed.

For instance WhatsApp Now has introduced a feature where your can customize notification and mute a user.


With the Mute option you can mute chats from that particular user for 8 hours, 1 week or 1 year as indicated below.


As for Custom notifications, you can select a Unique Notification tone and vibration plus pop-up for that user alone.

One can also customize call notifications


Another feature improved on are the emojis. Old ones have been facelifted and more added. You can’t wait to use them.


It even goes further to give you options to choose from.


If you haven’t updated your App, please do on Play store or download and replace the old version.



Know Safaricom’s Neon Phone model and manufacturer


Safaricom's Neon phone

For the keen readers, listeners an TV viewers, you might be familiar with Safaricom’s NEON phone. The specifications are in public domain but what many still can’t figure out is the company that manufactures(d) it.

Neon phone  has the following features:
> 3.5″ Touchscreen
> 2 Megapixel rear camera, NO front Camera.
> OS Android 4.4.2 KitKat®
> Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, GPS, FM radio.
> RAM 512MB and processor 1.0GHz dual core.
Those are the essentials for now.

However as opposed to the information on display, its Internal memory is 2GB and NOT 4GB but expandable to 32GB with the memory card slot under the  1400mAh battery.



Applications Outlook.

As you see, it comes pre installed with all Google apps.

For the keen eyes, or those who have gone through the phone’s information, (see screenshot above) it has model number VF685 and a google search on it will give you its make. The Neon phone is a rebrand of Vodafone Smart Kicka VF685.
This is how it looks like in your browser while on  Facebook.


Message: Instal Facebook on your Smart Kicka...

Now for those who were wondering and even tried googling NEON PHONE to get to know its manufactures, then its known to you.

Neon phone is Vodafone Smart Kicka VF685.


My in-depth knowledge of online marketing has put me ahead of others on how Internet fraud work. Let me stick to facebook posts and pages. You
launch your facebook account and certain pages are suggested for you to like.
Well, it costs you nothing, you like at will.
The trend now, which Nigerians easily fall prey to, is to cook up human
interest stories that would attract their emotions. They take advantage of your
over religiosity to type ‘amen’ as comments under make believe stories.
I do not know about other countries, but I know Nigeria is one of the most
religious countries. We fall victim to fake clerics. They enjoy while we endure.
They eat what they want while we eat what we need. We rely so much on
whatever the pastor says. We pressure prophets to prophesy. When God has
not said a thing, the prophet would have no choice but to spew something in
order to save his ‘job’. I digressed.
Back to the subject matter, you would see a page whose name suggests
obscenity suddenly becoming prayer warrior overnight. I see Nigerians, even
my ignorant friends typing amen, liking and sharing not knowing they are
making money for others. They get paid based on the number of likes, shares
and comments. If somebody needs your prayer, you don’t need to type it.
Yes, there are a couple of pages with names of clerics, they pray too and
people of course type amen too. You would see thousands of comments, the
mugus keep typing amen, dancing to the tune of the business man at the other
end. They smile to the bank, while you waste your precious time and
sometimes money to type yeye amen.
They most times give you conditions to claim the ‘prayer’ and you want to
make sure you meet the criteria. Uhmm. I wish you were like me o. It’s very
simple; all I need to do is say amen I do not need to type it. My God can hear
me even when I have not uttered a word.
It is time for you to unlike those pages that are contributing nothing to your
life positively. Like pages that can make good impacts in your life. Pages you
can acquire knowledge, you really do not need all this prayer warriors. You
can pray on your own.
Stop being so easy to dissuade, haba ! Women are more prone to this than men
because they are more religious and emotional but few men who could discern
the tactics know their typing AMEN or RIP may not change anything.
Read between the lines, I don’t doubt the power of faith but most of those
were set up solely for business. Be wise!

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