New Features You should See on WhatsApp

Emergence of smartphones has led to a shift from the traditional SMS communication to the use of mobile messaging applications, WhatsApp leading the pack.

As of September, 2015 WhatsApp has registered 900 million users up from 700 million in January 2015.

The app is registering much success after Facebook purchased it for $ 19 billion hence boosting its media reach.

It’s seems developers at WhatsApp are leaving nothing to chance, making timely improvements to the messaging app.

If you updated your application today or some days close to today you will realize that the interface and colour has changed.

For instance WhatsApp Now has introduced a feature where your can customize notification and mute a user.


With the Mute option you can mute chats from that particular user for 8 hours, 1 week or 1 year as indicated below.


As for Custom notifications, you can select a Unique Notification tone and vibration plus pop-up for that user alone.

One can also customize call notifications


Another feature improved on are the emojis. Old ones have been facelifted and more added. You can’t wait to use them.


It even goes further to give you options to choose from.


If you haven’t updated your App, please do on Play store or download and replace the old version.



New Release: Anti – Ban WhatsApp M 3.5

Recently I wrote on the release of WhatsApp Plus (Reborn) but little was known to me that an update on an Anti-ban WhatsApp was due to be released. This is WhatsApp Material Design (MD) v3.5.

It is based on WhatsApp+ and earlier versions of WhatsApp MD


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Nobody wants a boring and non flexible app and this developer made sure we get a super cool app with a Google hangouts look.

This App comes with the following
– Transparent text input field background
– Google Messenger like Coloured Chats
– Font colour of “Last Seen” is now white
– Font colour of text is now white to match
Google Messenger
– Font colour of date/time in chats is now
– New voice message mic, progress bar and
– Group chats fixed
– Sent check marks fixed
– No profile images on chat screen (Like Google Messenger)
and many more..


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As stated in an earlier post, mimic apps of the original WhatsApp granted the user number a 24 hour plus ban but the developers on this have assured it has a way around it, Its ANTI-BAN.

How to Instal
First you should  have the original app installed and running. If not download it and instal. Use it to send few chats. Save the conversations.
Uninstall the original app and download WhatsApp M 3.5 here. It is just 24.7 mbs.


The New UNBLOCKABLE WhatsApp+ (plus) released.

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Many people have been using the ‘fake’ WhatsApp+ until owners of the genuine WhatsApp realised they were losing so fast to the mimic app and banned further developments to it.

Earlier this year in February, WhatsApp+ was banned, and even going ahead to block users found for 24 hours.

Those users who we were not privy to the ban notice have been having problems as the counterfeit app has no ability to update, forcing them to re install the original green app.
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Developers of the Blue app have however come up with a way of by passing the 24 hour ban and have developed  WhatsApp Plus (Reborn).

An action is yet to be taken by original developers as users continue to rally their support behind this Blue App.

For those who have interacted with WHATSAPP+ will agree with me that it’s awesome. The embattled app give the user to manipulate it in various ways.

For instance, one can change the themes, outlook, set notification when A member appears online and many more. One good feature of it is the ability to clear data thus saving space, what the green App can’t to.

To the loyals, keep up but those who love adventure like me, try out WhatsApp+ Reborn.